Dau is a local wooden boat that was first introduced during Arab domination in coastal region of East Africa. It’s a sailing vessel with one or more lateen sails. It was primarily used to carry heavy items. The term “dau” does not mean just one type of ship but for a whole family of different vessels – from small on mast boats to cargo ships that can carry even 200 tons. Larger daus can have a crew of approximately 30 people, while smaller ones around 4. The name ‘dau’ is a Swahili word but the boats are also called dhow. The Zanzibar dau building masters are well -known around the whole Indian.

About us


We are a local tour operator led by Vuai and Hija, currently based the Spice Island of Zanzibar. We are mainly focused on arranging for you an extraordinary holidays both in Zanzibar and Tanzania. Our services differ from other companies and are super unique. We provide a complex care starting from the moment you land. From airport transfers, through trips, even to honeymoon packages.

Choosing Dau Tours is a guarantee of safety and professionalism. Our guides are well trained, our cars have safety checks and our trips are insured. We offer tours in several languages such as English, Polish, French, Italian, German and Spanish. By booking with us you will get an unforgettable experience. If you want to know more or wants to plan your own tailored trip, please don’t hesitate to contact us via e -email or WhatsApp.

Vuai Khamis Mtumwa

I was born and raised at Uroa, Eastern part of Unguja, and I had always dreamed of being a part of tourism business.

Before starting Dau Tour, I spent 6 years working in hospitality industry. I gained experience in reservation, sales and marketing in different hotels around Zanzibar. I have attended to the collage at kawa Training Center, and acquired the certificate in tourism. I also got a special certificate in marine life management at the same center.

Other accomplishment it’s worth mentioning that i have enough experience on Zanzibar fire department and professional first aid training.

Diego Hija Khamis

I am from Kianga, in the central part of Zanzibar, and the same as my partner I always wanted to work in tourism industry.

I attended Langoni primary school, where I completed my primary level of education. Then later I further procedure to Lumumba secondary school where I acquired my ordinary secondary certificate. I have started my work as a part of animation team what gave me a great insight on what makes your holidays special. In total, I have 6 years of working experience in Zanzibar hotels, where eventually I became sales and marketing manager.


We came out with this idea after spending a long time working in tourism industry and acquire deep knowledge on it. We believe on that we can provide standard services to our clients and we found that having Dau tours will improve tourism industry. Also we plan to improve the economic level in the country locally and national wide, we believe that starting Dau tours will create employment opportunities to the local people.


Dau tours is a small travel organisation which is currently established under difficult conditions but fortunately we have achieved to a certain level. We have plans to become one of the largest travel companies in the coming years. We will operate in and out side the country without depending on any assistance, we also want to focus on increasing the number of employees and the national income in the next coming ten years.

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